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WY3P Photo Gallery from past events


Spring, 2008:  Nathan King, W3ADX installs the Force 12 EF-610 - 10 meter Monobander

W3ADX, Nathan - is at it again

EF-610 Monobander intallation

I'm glad it's not ME up there

This antenna: lighter than the C31XR


Down safe after successful installation






August 3rd, 2006:  WY3P Installs the Force 12 C-31XR!


On  Thursday, August 3rd, Team WY3P got SERIOUS about an elegant way to place

the Force 12 C-31XR on top of the W3ADC/W3ADX Tower.  We watched in amazement

as Mark (crane operator) "handed" Nathan the antenna, making everything look so easy.

Clint, W3ARS mounted a tag line on the antenna and help steer it on the way up.

It is important to note that it was about 95 degrees on top of the tower that Nathan

was working on.  With installation conditions like that - the antenna is going to

work GREAT!

Nice Crane

That's a LOT of Antennas

Nathan doing his thing

Ah...time to rest

The crane weights 40,000 pounds

Tightening the boom bolts

The right tool for the job

Notice the W3ADX Tower Platform


WY3P at the 2006 Kentucky Derby

Just look at that site

Could be...field day 2007?


"rough" band conditions

Nice Digs


Very Impressive Antenna


Another Angle


Operating Equipment

More Operations

The Sign

Let's EAT

K4D is a SOCIAL Occasion

Nice Antenna

Old man W3ARS Himself

Operating Setup

Great Location

It doesn't get any better

Tents for Sun protection

Carroll County Contesters

Reservations ARE Required





Other WY3P Activities:  Mid-Atlantic QSO Party, VHF Contest, etc.

Ryan Talks DX with Daddy

A sign of things to come

Pretty Country for VHF Activities

Camping and VHFing at it's best

Love the Flag

One Position Down...

...And Another Position

YAOP - Yet Another Operating Position


Screened-in Porch


Jonathan is a trapped boy

Talk about being boxed in...

The ultimate punishment

W3ADC Antenna Farm

W3ADC Transformed into Multi/Multi!

Don't Mess with Hampstead, MD

Inside the shack at WY3P Multi/Multi

Sandy Says: WE NEED MORE QSO'S...NOW!!!

WY3P in Action

WY3P Head Honcho #3, W3ARS

The King himself, W3ADC Operates

A Healthy does of radios

A good contest has a good cook

Warning: Rag chewing in person doesn't get radio points

K3LP calling CQ

k3lp w3adc w3adx

Next Generation

CQ Contest, this is "Bubba" WY3P

All American Radio

On the inside, we've got radios!

And Antennas

Team WY3P: n3vop, w3adc, w3adx, k3lp, w3ars



What? A Break???

Sometimes you just have to exercize

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