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Field day 2009 at WY3P

Thanks to Tom Flater and the Gamber & Community Fire Company, we procured one of the most beautiful and effective fields in the history of the Carroll County Contesters, located in Finksburg, MD. 

The terrain profiles of this location are mostly downhill, in ALL directions!  

NY3A and his CW team had 2,043 QSOs; WX3B, W3ARS, N3VOP and the SSB team were narrowly defeated as they cranked out 2008 QSOs.  Other highlights include the K1RH supplied "palace" for the SSB operating positions, and the many guests that helped keep the bands active.

Jim's Ride and Rob's Palace - two fine vehicles

Force 12 C3 at 50 feet

Clint Supervises

CW Antenna Farm

Father & Son Rob


More Father/Son quality time


Good Job - C3 Party

These guys are SERIOUS

Jim and Young Rob

Jim, C3 Tower

Jim with the triplets

Jim and Young Rob

Jim and the kids


Nick, Matthew and Douglas

Great weekend home


Old Brother shows young brother

Rob, Jim & the boys

OM Rob

Young Rob

Rob holds a guy wire

Student and teacher

Team triplets

Teresa and the kids

The kids help

More instructions

Tough cranking

Up goes the antenna

Look at that C3

W3ARS on 40m

W3ARS on 40m

What an antenna!

Young Rob on 75m

Young Rob with triplets

Young Rob installs antenna

Young Rob on 20m

Young Rob on 20/Jim on 75m

Young Rob on tower

40m Vertical Feedpoint

Force 12 C3

Gamber & Community Fire Company

"Get Bent!"

There's nothing like a good Pole

NY3A - our CW Captain

Guy method of pole

Up goes the 40m Vertical

W3ARS 40m vertical pole

Feedpoint (again)

W3ARS Pole FeedPoint

W3ARS Pole: Guy Ring & Bottom

W3ARS Pole Installed

W3ARS Pole

W3ARS Pole Bottom

W3ARS Pole Guy Ring

W3ARS Pole Top

W3ARS Raises Pole

W3ARS Vertical Feedpoint



Field day 2008 at WY3P

Clint, W3ARS procured the use of a field at beautiful Piney Run park for the weekend, where we had a great time.  Even got dumped on a time of two by heavy rain and thunderstorms, however everyone (and their toys) survived.  15 meter SSB set a new QSO record (767 QSOs!).  This year we decided to put up FEWER towers and OPERATE MORE. 

Now for some pictures...

W3ADC Tent

Willy the Field Day Dog

4 elements on 20

C3 10/15/20 & 40m vertical

Screened out


WX3B screening QSOs

WX3B hard at work

A beautiful view

Nice Field

Another Great View


Joe says: Field day is OVER!

Relax, I'll make some QSOs

Sandy van winkle

Summary of our 2008 effort:

2008 WY3P Field day results: 4 Alpha, MDC
Operators:  W3ARS, WX3B, W3ADC, W3ADX, N3YIM, ND3F, Jonathan King
Additional Participants:  KB3NZN, KB3KHE, Daniel Skutt, Willy the Field Day Dog
Operational Results        
Band Mode # QSOs # Points Operators
10m SSB 28 28 WX3B
15m SSB 767 767 WX3B, W3ARS, N3YIM
20m Digital 14 28 N3VOP
20m CW 40 80 WX3B
20m SSB 709 709 W3ADC:  600, WX3B:  109
40m Digital 53 106 N3VOP
40m SSB 177 177 N3VOP, ND3F
80m SSB 631 631 W3ARS, WX3B, N3YIM, Jonathan King
Total #QSOs & Points   2419 2526  
2008 WY3P Operational Score     5052 Comment:  2x raw score for low power
Bonus Points        
100% Emergency Power (4A) 400      
Press Release 0      
Public Location 100      
Public Information Table 100      
Message to Section Manager 0      
NTS Messages Handled 0      
Satellite QSOs 0      
Alternative Power QSOs 0      
W1AW Bulletin 0      
Educational Activity 0      
Elected Official Visit 0      
Agency Member Visit 0      
GOTA 0      
Web Submission 50      
Youth Bonus (2 youths) 40      
Total Bonus Points 690      
2008 WY3P Field Day Score     5742  


2006 WY3P field day outing


In June, 2006 - WY3P set up camp at Spring Garden Elementary School in Hampstead, MD for field day. 

We ran in the category of 6 Alpha, with Monobanders on 20m SSB and 20m CW - a 15m Quad, 3 towers (AB/621 & AB/577's) and plenty of wires. 

In addition to making lots of QSOs we survived many inches of rain and local flooding - all while we were in the field.  A true emergency preparedness test!

Looking forward to doing it again next year.  Thanks to Charlie, KB3JDW for arranging and taking care of us at this GREAT location!

15m & 20m SSB Antennas

K1RH Designed 3 element 20m on 24 foot boom

Initial Design Idea from W3LPL

Brian, ND3F on 20m CW

Young Field Day Operator

Nathan, W3ADX: Notice Safety Belt

John, W3ADC on 40m SSB

Nathan, W3ADX installs 15m Quad

Nathan, W3ADX Installs 15m Quad

Nathan, W3ADC on 20m SSB

WY3P Hy-Gain 204BA

4 element 20m Monobander on 26 foot boom

Charlie - KB3JDW Runs 'Em

Nathan, W3ADX is TIRED!


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